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HEY, does anyone know....


17 Aug 2004
You see I used to have a boyfriend -- :p --- who lend me a lot of cds about 50 I remember one day 😍 with a lot of beatiful videos and songs.... 😍 of a lot of different bands.... 😍 .... and I couldn't copy any of them :( :( ... too much unnecesary info, right? :p.... Anyway, the thing is that there was this video called 'Rest in peace & fly away', with a beautiful song sung by a woman and Sugizo from Luna Sea was in the video too 😊 ... the point is, I've tried to get it but I can't find it... so I would like to know the name of the singer maybe that way is gonna be easier to find, so, DOES ANYONE KNOW THIS SONG AND WHO THE SINGER IS???

R.I.P & Good Luck!!Kala~
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