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hey all, introducing......ME!


29 Dec 2003
hi everyone!!

this is my first post and i dont know what to say so ill give a quick run down about me and the things i like and i hope some of you will have somethngs in common with me and reply and i knwo you guys will make me feel at home!!

well im a 22 male living in london but my hart has always been in Asia! i love movies, my favorite types are horror, love japanese horror! also i love alot of other movies but im not too fond of american films. My favorite types of music is RnB, hip hop, pop, rock, punk.. erm a bit of everything really, my favorite band at the moment is Do As Infinity! yay! one of my best friends is japanese and shes always sending me there new CDs! i also like traveling and hope to travel asia soon! i also like cartoons and comics, im really fond of junji ito's (im not sure if i spelt that right!) comics like Uzumaki and ii also am very fond of Dragonball!

ermm what else... ive been studying martial arts for like 5 years now and love to keep fit too! oh yea and i love art and photography too and i love to met new people and make friends all over the world!!

ok i think ive wrote enough, hope i get some replys or PM's!

😌 monkey!
kool you guys thanx !

i hope i make alot of friends on this site and will get a chance to share my interest!
hiya monkey and welcome, i wanna travel around asia too, if ya ever need someone to go with ya ring me up, anyway have fun on the forum.
wow kool you guys!!

your all making me feel welcome! theres so many members its really hard to keep track of whats going on, i guess ill have to get used to it!
Hey welcome good to have a new friend around. I love photograpy too. I have yet to watch japanese horror. I have to check that out. See ya around
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