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19 Apr 2002
Well, where do I start?

I'm a full-time mother of two young children, lucy age 5, and Kevin age 4, two angels from heaven, I've been married eight years to the man I met at the age of 14, and yes love at first sight ect lolol, in total I know my husband 19 years, and I couldn't be happier, I'm trying to pick Japanese words gradually and one day who knows I will shock you all hehe,
The first time I ever used a computer was two days before I found this forum, and I am still learning what half of these buttons do lol,
The worst thing about me is my memory, its dreadful. I need to write everything down. 😌

Besides that, I'm quite a nice lady lolol,
Debs, how comes I haven't seen your intro? I am really too busy these days, sigh...

Well, you already know how much I appreciate you being here, don't spend too much time on the boards, othwerwise your lovely angels and your hubby might complain.

You being a computer newbie?? Wow, you do learn fast!
@ Thomas thanks for your kind words and it's my utmost pleasure to be here on the boards and I'm still learning, lol don't know how to get a quote into my posts yet, lol🙂

@samuraitora thanks and I thought my intro was a little boring and plain, so thanks for your kind words also its so nice to be surrounded with people I've never met who friends are,🙂
Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!

deborah, your kids really are angels! they are so cute, I fell for them! 😍
good job, huh? 👏

anata no musuko to musume, totemo kawaii desu!
Hehe, they are really cute!

Makes us more curious to see their mom's pic. 😊
kodomotachi wa kawaii yo :D Cuties eh!

Thomas got the question out before I did! hehe, but I Debs and here avatar aren't that far off.

hmmm ... quiz?
@ Quiz, hmmm maybe so, I'll get looking for a recent photo and get it posted, lol, I look nothing like that cutie avatar, lol:p (maybe a little hehe)

Thanks for your kind words about my children, and I will agree with you all:clap: they are so cute, and just like their Mum, lolol🙂
lol, I am so surprised that you remembered samuraitora, ok, ok soon as soon as I get a tidy one sorted out haha, I am shy!!! did you not guess already??? :D
Right (time to bite the bullet, a saying from my home country) I will post a pic of myself just so you all know who you are writing too!! it's not a great pic but its casual enough, so you see what I'm all about!! it's my two kids and myself, visiting a place called Ballyshannon, it was a lovely day, but a little chilly,(cant wait to get a didi-cam
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