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Here goes the article on Japanies Culture


25 Oct 2003
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Here goes the article on Japanise culture from the eyes of an Argentinian.... and hopefully it will be of interest, Bob Frassinetti.Buenos Aires,Argentina.

Argentina is a multicultural society, that throughout its history has
learned to build itself as a broad and open society. The willingness of our
people to learn and adopt foreign trends has resulted in a very interesting
And although the greatest influences have been from Italy and Spain for
their early inputs, as well as France and Great Britain, it has been
throughout the late 1950s when a new society began to impact in our culture,
it was Japan and its futuristic vision through means of its toy robots,
drawings and design. It was a somewhat impressive blend, for the Argentine
society was very different from the Japanese one. The huge technological gap
that set apart these societies made of this trend more and more important.
Latter on, at the beginning of the 80s, it was a young generation of girls
who bonded with Japan through means of the queen of design Kitty! Letter
paper, stickers, stories and all sorts of items.
Of course, the 90s was the Japanese decade all over the world and it wouldn'
t be either way in the southern pampa's lands. From cars, to all sorts of
technological appliances to the unquestionably extraordinary anime
products -games, movies, etc.- we received openhearted all of them. And last
but not least -as it happens in most love stories, through means of
wonderful food- Sushi!
Nowadays the Japanese culture has won our Argentinean hearts. Japanese
visitors are frequently seen enjoying our culture of asado, tango and
football. I believe the cultural exchange between this very different
societies has been very rich.

Football and tango have been our best possible ambassadors, not only for
Japanese people to come and visit our beautiful country but to export to the
faraway Pacific country. Boca Juniors multi championships at the Toyota
Libertadores Cup and River Plate's victories at the South American Nissan
cup, have inspired Japan to care about our country.
Our kids, have grown watching the anime adventures of soccer and many more
fabulous stories.

The bond that has learn to grow between these countries has nothing of
artificial consumption orientation, but true cultural admiration. This is
why the mutual respect and interest for each others society has resulted in
such rich bilateral relations. All and all, we're still anxious to learn
about Japan, and hopefully Japan is too about us.
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