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kirei na shisha

Backhuus Ryan
8 Mar 2004

i'm looking to write dir en grey a letter, in japanese, to get them to come to usa.. i know it sounds funny, but i have good motives. :sing:

if anyone can help, please contact me on any messenger. i have listed my contact info on my profile..
arigato gozaimas..
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old posts. There are a lot of fans here on this Forum. Going over the old threads & posts will give you some names and links to someone who will help you.It may take a little while , but people will answer back to you!

Good Luck

*kills herself* Can you at least go through the effort at looking at some of the more recent Deg topics? I wasted about 3 posts explaining how to mail the members; look there.

aww man! dont be so harsh on the girl Illaparatzo-sama...she is trying her best to get them to come!! i really wish they would! SO!! YOU GO GIRL! GO KIREI!! yeyeyeyey! we know ya can do it! tell Kyo hes sexy! yeahhh! 😎 :LOL: tell em how much we neeeed them!! we cant live without them...........whaaaaa!!!!! send the special letter! yeaa! :mail:

oi~ im here for ya girl.. 👍
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