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25 Oct 2003
I don't know if this is where I should post this but...

Does anyone else see that huge mess of something in the Japanese beginners lounge? I was editing a message, and after I edited, that huge thing just appeared out of nowhere. I tried to go back in and edit, but it wouldn't let me. Then I tried to start a new message beneath that, but I couldn't do that either! What's going on? Is there something wrong with my computer or is it something else?

Thanks a bunch, guys.
What are you using to input your Japanese? I can read some of your post in with my browsers encoding set to ISO-2022-JP but not all of it. Does your software/input system have different encoding options? I can read mine and all others in EUC-JP.
I have JP UTF 8 and it has worked until yesterday! I also have Japanese (SHIFT-JIS) and Japanese AUTO Select.

I've tried all three...but it's just messed up...lol. Oh well! Maybe it was a one time thing...but I dunno!

I have SHIFT-JIS as well and tried copying and pasting a paragraph of text in a post on the word for welcome in Japanese thread with the same result as Keeni84. Something does seem to have changed since everything before the update is now readable whereas it wasn't (at least for me) yesterday.
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