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17 Dec 2003

I stumbled upon this site as I was searching for this one particular actor's name. My sister who recently came from Hong Kong had given me this set of japanese movie cds to watch. The name of the movie or soap opera is called "With Love". As it is in Japanese with Chinese subtitles. However, there are no english names for the actors and actresses. I live in the US. Do any of you know of this movie? If so, do you know the name of the leading man? His name in the movie is Mr. Hata. The band My Little Lover sang the title song Destiny. Well that's what I got off the box.

anything you can provide will be much appreciated.

BTW, I love all the smileys. 🙂
Yeah, i've seen With Love ago too, and I really enjoyed the BGM and the music (Destiny) by My Little Lover. It was really catchy and I found myself humming the song everyday back then :p

Anyways, check out the links below, it has all the actor names and such:
With Love on Sale
With Love Synopsis

Oh! did i mention that I liked the music so much that I even played "Once in a Blue Moon" on piano too? ha ha
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Greetings and welcome. I have moved your thread to our Entertainment forums btw, although it looks like Shadow may have already answered your questions with the links provided.
Thanks Shadow for the links!! Most helpful, now I can sleep. LOL.

Thomas, thanks for moving the link. I will try to learn my way around in here soon.

Happy Holidays!!!
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