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25 Jun 2002
I recently upgraded from Windows 98 SE to Windows XP. I noticed that my Japanese input software (I use Microsoft Global IME Japanese Version) wasn't appearing when I pressed alt + shift, which I normally do. I went to the Global IME website and downloaded the Microsoft Office XP IME set, thinking that this was the problem. It states on the site that the program won't run on PC's with Office XP unless you have the Office XP version. Problem is, now I can't seem to enter Japanese characters into anything but Office XP programs. Help! What do I do?
Agh sorry everyone! it seems to be working fine now..that's weird.

Another M$ mystery...

Sorry, I couldn't help you, I am still using good old Win98 and do not plan to upgrade so soon. We're using Japanese XP at the office and cannot stop complaining about it, hehe...
haha So far, everything in XP seems to working well at least for me. I'll have to wait and see what comes up next... :S
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