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Someone help!
I don't understand how to register on this forum?

Can I register if I don't have a "guardian"?
Can I register if i don't know anyone?
Enter the username of the forum member who referrered you to this forum.

What does it mean?

No matter how time I register I get:

"Japan Forum Message
Please make sure that you have completed all the required fields. These include username, password and email. Press the back button, correct the error and try again. "

And I filled ALL required fields...

Sorry, we're both a bit busy with, uhm, life in general... :)

Hey, are you sure you got the image verification correct. It's not always that clear to read.

Make sure you fill in a valid email-address.


I don't know what to do...
And ALL other fields are filled too, except REFFERER.

Image Verification

Is it "YL3P67" or am I blind?


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Peter is right, make sure your browser supports cookies. Just out of interest, which browser are you using?
Please send your personal info as well as a valid email address to <community AT japanreference DOT com>, I will add your account manually. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Send it to the email address I have mentioned in my last post. Replace AT with @ and DOT with .
So far I haven't received any email. Please send me your personal info (with all the data required for signing up) to the email posted above. In case you're under 13 and not a U.S. resident pretend you're 15 in order to avoid that infamous COPPA form. I think that's the problem here.

My info was sent to

Please post a reply if you get it...
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Briliant post there

I think the point of NOT writing out the email address was that it wouldn't be picked up by email gathering bots for spamming. Thank god you misspelled it.

Check the spelling of the email address and try again, but PLEASE don't post the email address again...
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