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in case that other one didnt work, here it is in jpeg format


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The bottom part looks like a person's name. Not sure about the top. Maybe "Kicker"?
Another one I've been trying to decipher for the past couple of hours is


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Originally posted by Bizkitboylee
i think the bottom one is Shuuya or maybe nanahara. but i dont know
Maybe "kaka" for grain of rice and fire is the closest I can come, although that doesn't really fit with the "sekun" ending. Where did these come from, by the way?
it came from a anime book. The speech is in English but some of the actions(like doors opening) if i get my scanner working, ill send you the page its on(it is better done in the book)
Konnichiwa Bizkitboylee-san!

The first word "Kya-(Kiya)" is a shout of joy, and the last word "Oo-" is a shout of commotion. I think this words are used in a lot of Manga, especially sports(or fighting) scene.

And the second word is a shout of encouragement to Shuuya.



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