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2 Sep 2003
Hi this is my first post to these forums, alas it is a request.

As my wife and i already have a daughter with the name KAI we wanted to continue the theme and use a japanese name for our next child (due in 2 weeks)
We have narrowed it down to a few names....

SAKURA (my fave though the wife is a little unsure)
EMI (we BOTH like this)

RYU (ill come to this later)

Yes i know only 1 boys name but i really like it and it's taken be a long time to persuade my wife to like it also, though this is where we have a problem, i cannot find what RYU means in japanese could someone help me out?

I would also like to ask if someone could write all of the names (including KAI) in all Japanese forms as i intend to have tattoos of my childrens names and i would like a REAL translation rather than a machine generated one :) (pm me or e-mail addy)

Sorry to request so much on a first post but my web searches have been fruitless.

Thank you for any help you can provide
Hi BulletMag and welcome! 🙂

Our youngest son's name is Ryukai and the Ryu we used means dragon and the Kanji is like this: 窶板エ

I think there are other meanings for "Ryu" when used for a name. I think another one used for a name means "going up" or something like that. I'm not sure which character it is. I really liked the dragon meaning, though, so I used that. Luckily, the Kanji strokes added up in his favor.

With the "Ryu" and "kai" Kanji together, Ryukai's name means "fascinating dragon", or something of the sort...
Thank you for the reply i was hoping the name was a strong one :)
The kanji has not shown up though :(
Try setting the encoding on your browser to either Japanese EUC of Shirt-JIS. You might have to download international support (Japanese) through Microsoft if you are using windows.
Konnichiwa BulletMag-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite! Please enjoy the forum! And congratulation on your next child!🌹

RYU : This is alredy said by kirei_na_me, Ryu means dragon. In Christianity, dragon is a symbol of evil. But in Asia, dragon is a symbol of god, especially god of water. And dragon is a symbol of nobleman. In China, dragon is a symbol of emperor and dragon design(illustration) was used for only emperor. I think RYu is very happy and noble name.;)

SAKURA : Of course SAKURA means cherry blossoms. The Japanese love cherry blossoms greatly and SAKURA is a common name in Japan. Japanese parents wish daughter to grow up beautiful women as like cherry blossom.

EMI : EMI is made from two Kanji. "E" means blessing, "MI" means beauty. EMI is very beautiful name!

KAI : There are some Kanji for KAI, but I think "sea" is the best to your daughter. Because the sea is very beautiful and is mother of all living thing.;)

I said some instances, but it is a single instance. There are more Kanji and meaning. Please look for different Kanji if you want to other meaning.



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Thank you NANGI and KIREI_NA_ME you have been very helpful and now my wife has seen the meaning behind SAKURA she likes it now :)

Thanks once again
Hey, you're welcome BulletMag. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your second child! My husband and I have 3 sons and each of them have Japanese names. Seiya is the oldest, and his name means "starry night" and Sena is the middle one and his name means "water rapids/falls", and of course, you know about Ryukai.

Best of luck to you and your wife! Let us know about the new baby and which name you choose! ;)
:) another request :)

now i have the names in kanji form are there any TRUETYPE forms of them so i can enlarge them without jaggies for the tattoos im having ( very important )

I would like a lesson also on the stroke count of both RYU, KAI and EMI so i can teach KAI to write her name in it's true form

hopefully i will be able to provide information in the future rather than requesting, sorry to be such a pain 🙂
may i ask you, are you English? I'm just guessing from the flag under your screen name. What made you interested in using Japanese names?
I also want to call my children by Japanese names and i already chose for a girl:
Sakura, = Cherry Blossom
Yuki Yuri, = Snow Lily
Yumi, = ?
Yume = Dream
Hoshi = Star

or for a boy:
Takeshi = ?
Tetsu = Iron

but also, the meanings of Japanese names depends on which kanji you use.
I have Japanese friend called Kai, but his name means Care.
I wanted to get a Japanese name dictionary because I was interested to learn the meanings of my friends names, but it is difficult for me to find.
Good luck!

Please let us all in the forum, know what you decide to call your new child. Will you know gender before birth or are you going to wait for the surprise?

Anyway, congratulations on your family, and take care.

Yes i am English, i live in Nottingham ( where Robin Hood lived :) )

Since i was young i have been facinated by the orient, particularly Japan and have tried to learn to speak and write Japanese on many occasions but classes are non existant around where i live, i would really like my daughter to learn it as a second language but no luck so far. regarding naming my children, i really like the way most Japanese names cannot be shortened like most western names and the fact that they are far less used in the west too.

We do not know the gender of our next child but i guess we will find out in the next 2 weeks or so but i am convinced it is a boy so RYU it is :)
BulletMag wrote:regarding naming my children, i really like the way most Japanese names cannot be shortened like most western names:

Alot of my friends do shorten their names, and I get really confused because alot of my male friends call themselves Taka, or Tak for short.
Takayuki, Takahisa, Takeshi, to name a few of them.

your'e all right with Ryu and Kai though, they can't get any shorter. lol.


They are both nice names you've chosen by the way.👍

Have you been to Japan yet? I really recommend it, everybody is so nice there.It's a wonderful country. The only things I don't like, are the mosquitos & earthquakes.

Anyway, Take care!

When is your baby due?

sorry, don't worry about answering the last question, I have just realized answer. sorry. Gomen ne.
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