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Help with my Japanese homework


10 Oct 2003

As part of my homework, I've translated hiragana into romaji, but now I need to know what the words mean! Any help would be appreciated, :)

niku = meat
sakana = fish
neko = cat
fune = ship
hito = family
inu = dog
hashi = chopstick
hana = flowers

arigato gozaimasu!

EDIT: I've just finished it!

Originally posted by Elizabeth
OK, except hito is actually person.....

Thanks for your reply. I only figured it was family because there's a picture of more than one person and it resembles a family!

I'll put it down as a person. :)


Originally posted by samuraitora
if you don't have a dictionary, find a good website. It will help you a great deal!!!

I don't have a dictionary and I use Japanese-English Dictionary Interface (JEDI). It's good but of course doesn't narrow down enough my searched words.

You say find a good website, but this is easier said than done. Have you any suggestions?
Originally posted by mdchachi
Are you taking a class? Don't they require you to get a dictionary?

Yes I'm taking a class but no, a dictionary isn't a prerequisite since the text book we're using has most of the definitions we encounter in the class and we learn lots of new words every week.

A dictionary would be useful which is why I'm now getting one. :)
On the computer, the cheapest, best thing you can do is download EDICT, a fairly large open source J-E dictionary. EDICT can be used with various front-ends -- I use JWPce. It can also be used on the Internet via WWWJdict (or something like that).
Thanks for the help. I've started to use EDICT online and I'm impressed! I'm just popping out during my lunchtime to find a paper dictionary as well that I can browse on the train... Thanks again all! ;)
I personally prefer jisho.org for an online dictionary. You can search English words as well as different kanji and words/phrases. I find it particularly helpful because it separates them into their core words and it's really good at finding inflections of verbs.
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