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Help with Grammar


19 Sep 2015
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Hello. I am new to this forum and have no idea what I am doing. lol Any way, I am apart of a Japanese language forum on Crunchyroll, but it has been quiet recently and I need someone to check my grammar to make sure I am using it correctly.

My question is about the use of 間(に) and まで. From what I have read you attach to a phrase and then follow it up with another phrase. I has the meaning of two events happening at the same time. is use with a phrase as well and it means something is done until something else happens. Below are a couple of sentences of me using the grammar. Thanks to all who correct them.

水を飲む間犬は寝る。While I drink water the dog will sleep.
本部長は来るまでここを出ない。 Until the boss comes, I will not leave here.

I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot. I hope I can be helpful on here.



22 Feb 2008
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The following threads might be somewhat helpful for your understanding the topic.
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The subject of 飲む is interpreted 犬 in the first example, therefore it sounds odd. Similarly, the subject of 出ない is 本部長 (and the subject of 来る is interpreted someone else) in the second example since は usually can't be used to indicate the subject in modifying/subordinate clauses. It should be 本部長来るまでここを出ない。
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