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Help with a ww2 japanese flag

Florent Devos

16 Sep 2018
Hi all

I got possession of this japanese flag a while ago and I would really enjoy knowing a little bit more about his history...


Any of you could translate a few sentences ? I wod really appreciate knowing if this is a legit or a fake one...
It looks very old with some holes and stains...

Thanks very much !!
The name of the recipient is 久保春己 Kubo (surname) Haruki or Harumi (male given name). There is only one typical patriotic slogan 祈武運長久 Hope your eternal good luck in battle at the right end of the flag. The rest are all just signatures of the senders.
Wow thank you very much for the quick answer !
Do you think there's a way to know if there is still family of this soldier out there ? I am aware of the OBON association but I do not wish to send them the flag yet without knowing more.
Thanks very much for for your help !
Unfortunately, information is too little to idetify the person. Obon Society is the best choice, I believe.
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