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Help Wanted for Doraemon (1973) Search Effort


20 Sep 2016
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Hello everyone. Sergio151, or TyrannosaurusSergio on the Lost Media Wiki, and I need help finding a lost piece of media. The piece in question is the 1973 series of Doraemon.

For those unfamiliar with the story of Doraemon 1973, the show became lost due to the company, Nippon TV Video, losing money during the series' run, and sold the film reels containing episodes in order to pay off their debt.

Despite stories of some reels being found in a warehouse the episodes have not come out online. The only available assets of the show includes some screenshots, 2 clips, somewhat distorted audio of the last episode on YouTube, and the opening plus the ending to the show.

I'm not asking for episodes or clips, but leads to find the show. Please, no troll comments about owning some tapes okay? Any leads are graciously accepted.

I have contacted some companies for information though, which include:

Bang Zoom! Entertainment: Dubbed the 2005 series. Contacted them to see if they could point me to any Fujiko Fujio companies.

Shogakukan: Released the manga series. Also contacted them to see if they could point me to any Fujiko Fujio companies.

Viz Media: Worked with Fujiko Fujio Pro when the dub first came out. Again, contacted them to see if they had any information about Fujiko Fujio Pro.

Nippon TV: Aired the 1973 series. Contacted them to see if they know what happened to the reels, any contact info for Fujiko Fujio Pro, and asked if they had any contact info of Masami Jun, the production chief of the 1973 series.

Anime News Network: Contacted them to see if they can write an article about the show in order to spread awareness. I also posted a topic about the show, but got moved to a different forum.

I have yet to get a reply from any of these companies, so we'll just have to wait. I'll continue to spread the word though.

If you have any information, please reply to this forum, or head over to the Lost Media Wiki forums and reply to the "1973 Doraemon Expedition Recruitment!" board. Thank you in advance for any messages and see you guys later!

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