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Help translating part of a light novel


2 Jun 2015
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I hope this is permitted here, but can someone help me translate this part of the light novel. A friend of mines has already translated the rest of it, but for some reason left it out. I'm just wondering if it's important to the plot.

Thanks, N


Mike Cash

15 Mar 2002
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How could we possibly know if it is important to the plot without seeing the rest of it?

Did you ask your friend who translated it and is in a much better position than us to know if it is important to the plot or not?


27 Apr 2014
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The page is a school assignment entitled "Look back on your high school life". The intention is of course to make students remember all the fun times they had, but this particular student goes right in the opposite direction. According to him (I assume it's a him), people who enjoy their youth use this as an excuse for all their failures and misdeeds: "who cares I failed an exam, school is about more than studying alone"; "who cares I stole something, it's part of the spice of youth"; etc. On the other hand, they still see others' failures and misdeeds as just that. They warp their perception of the world in their own favor in the name of "enjoying life".

His conclusion is that it's the people who do not enjoy their youth to the fullest who are doing things the right way. And then, in large letters: "Riajuu's, go blow up". ("Riajuu" = internet? slang for people with a fulfilling real life: friends, girlfriend, parties etc. This particular phrase is also commonly found on the internet, there's even a mobile game named after it)

In short, it's a bitter essay written by a (presumably) lonely student.
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