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Help translating an e-bike specification

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23 Aug 2015
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So, I recently found a new e-bike (in contrast to my previous post somewhere here that I looked for a used one) with reasonable price whose specs apparently suits my need. However there are some details that I cannot get the slightest idea about their meaning. What I want to have translated are marked with yellow frames in the picture below.

For the field with 139 cm, there is a kanji for "up" so I guess it means roughly the height. Then as for the field to the right of the battery power (with value 6.6 Ah), since there is kanji for "time" I guess it means the charging time. I have no idea for the rest but I would also like someone to confirm my guesses above.
Also, which one is the actual price, 79.800 or 86.184?
Transmission, 3-speed (hub)
For people over 139cm
Charge time 4 hours
Good for 25km in standard mode

The 86,184 is tbe price including tax. The other is without tax. You'll be paying the tax.
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