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Help! this is Koji Here!


16 Apr 2002
Hey Japan friends at the Forum, as a few of you, or maybe non of you, know that Koji is designing a Japanese learning program to teach the great Nihongo Japanese to english speaking people.

Well Koji needs a picture representing Japan that is almost a page in length and about 3" to 4" inches in width! Koji need serious help because this picture will be shown on each page of the computer program that teaches the language.

Koji owns a co-non-existent internet company, actually 2, but the one in question is Bean Languages and the first language product of the company will be Japanese. So Koji needs help. If you have a good picture in mind contact me. Help!, I NEED it, less the I think, but still! The product will probably available on either the summer of 2004 or the holiday season of 2005 [note; not official deadlines]. Thanks, KOJI
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