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Help the poor Shigatsu!


22 Oct 2003
Ok, this is the deal.
For my Government class I was assigned to write an essay paper on a current event (preferably about politics) in the news. I have to have 3 news paper articles, and I basically just discuss them in 8 pages of my blabbering.
Now the problem for poor Shigatsu?
I need a topic.
I think it'd be better to write about something I'm interested in (JAPAN!!)...sooo does anyone have any ideas for cool current political events in Japan? preferably ones that have newspaper articles around the net somewhere.

Thanks in advance! <3
Lots of huggles and kissles!!
Hmm... do you mean the political economy in Japan? Since you've posted under economy.
If it's about the political economy in Japan, i thought agriculture, postal reforms, whaling, tobacco are interesting issues to write about. It's interesting if you can link them to the recent election and talk about the implications of the election results and what does that say about the road to reforms...
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