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HELP! punkrockband wants to play Japan!


7 Feb 2003

I know it's not the most common way to reach an audience, but I seek help.

I play bass in a dutch punkrock band, DEMOLITION 4.
Over here in Europe we hear so many great things about the japanese audience and we would love to come over and play for you!

There's just so little we know about Japan or how to arrange a tour or anything, that we would like to ask you kindly to help us out.

If anyone wants to find out what Demolition 4 is all about, please go to the website www.demolition4.com !!
We have almost our whole archive there to be downloaded by you, for free! Also we have a forum (mostly in dutch, but feel so free to write anything, or else: go to our guestbook), pictures, etc.

You can also send us an email, using the address on this forum.
Any information would be welcome!

Thank you in advance for your interest!! Cheers,

Mark & D4


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Welcome aboard Mark.

I don't think it's much different then overhere in Holland. Just send in demos to Japanese concerthalls, festival organizers and booking agencies.
Our admin Thomas' wife Nahoko used to work for a Tokyo based concert agency. Perhaps she can provide you with some contacts.

You could also ask the members of Nihongo Lounge to help you translate your bio in Japanese.
Hi Mark, welcome aboard! 🙂

Welp, unfortunately my wife is in Tokyo at the moment. She hasn't got any internet connection yet, so I really can't promise anything at the moment.
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