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HELP!! Problems w/ Paradise Kiss!!


18 Feb 2003
WAH!! i just bought the 2nd volume of Paradise Kiss (the TOKYOPOP release) and page 33 is all screwed up! ::tear:: it has the dialouge right, but the picture is from some other manga (GTO i think...) ... if there's anyone who would be willing to scan (the right) page 33 for me i would be very appreciative!! oh, i hope someone can help!!
i might have to... ARGH! but that's such a hassle! the last time i had to go through a publisher to get a book replaced it took 2 1/2 weeks, i just don't know if it's worth it...
Hmmm...I have Paradise Kiss up to volume 4 through TokyoPop. If I can figure out how to use my scanner.. (or atleast how to get something from it, onto the net) then I'll scan it for you.

(GTO is such a funny manga)
^^ i wuv you! but don't bother if it's any trouble to you at all, the bookstore was all "we'll order a new one!" so i think i can wait the "like a week" that they told me it would take without exploding...!! ithinkicanithinkicanithinkican!!! but thanks all the same, i guess this thread was pretty useless... oh, well... ::happy dance::
Well all the same, if I get around to it I could still do it for yous. ^_^ It would be no problem. ;)

I have volumes 1-4 of ParaKiss too...I just wish it wasn't on a publish after realease in Japan basis...it seems to be taking FOREVER...and I would know when it comes in. I work for Waldenbooks which is owned by Borders...so if there is a new graphic novel out...I know...I'm the one who organizes them. I know this isn't J-manga but has anyone ever read I.N.V.U.? It's a K-Manga and it's really good...but back to J-Manga...Peach Girl is good but it makes me so Mad....

to jent:
aw, you're so nice! ^_^

to klahaxgackt:
i haven't read either... well, i skimmed through Peach Girl, it looked good... and I.N.V.U. looked really pretty and i love the title, but i wasn't sure if i'd like the story, is it really good?

does anyone know when the 5th volume of Paradise will be out?
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I.N.V.U is really interesting, but as for ParaKiss all I know is that when the 5th volume is realeased in Japan it will be released here shortly. Have you checked out the TokyoPop website...because it tells the release dates of most of the manga that the publish.

As a matter of fact I own the first volume of I.N.V.U. and let me say, I thought it was alright. I was wondering when the next volume will be out.
Like I said look on the TokyoPop web site and it should say the release dates when you go under the manga tab and find I.N.V.U. I think it comes out later this month...I would know if it weren't for Waldenbooks having a fossilized IBM computer...it tells me nothing... *draws ninja katana and starts killing the Waldenbook's computer...wonders if going after the employees would help too...because then no one can ruin her hard work of organizing the manga section.* I have a question for you...are you into CLAMP at all...because my friend bought me volume # 15 of the X manga and I was seeing if anyone knew where I could find a translation...*is taking French...not Japanese...Sighs*
I would be very mad if my manga was messed up! :mad: I can't wait for #5 of Parakiss to come out! 😄 I lost my sister's I.N.V.U #1 so I have to pay her or buy it for her again. 😭
I really like Mars too. :)
http://www.jahannam.net has X translations up to vol. 16 along with a ton of other great series. (i get my Angel Sanctuary translations from them and they're really good!)

TOKYOPOP doesn't have a link to Paradise Kiss vol. 5 in existence yet... hopefully the release isn't too far off... speaking of which, didn't Chobits vol. 5 come out a little while ago? i'll have to pick that one up...

i was going to buy Mars awhile ago, but i decided to get Paradise instead... it looked good and i'd still like to read it eventually though... (did some skimming in the store, who are those people who were going to break her hands?) and I.N.V.U. is good too? argh! i'm gonna be even broke-r (not a stock broker, then i might have money for all this) than i already am... ... and now, cuteness!
Yeah, I think Chobits 5 is out now. I was going to buy it .. too bad I'm freakin' poor. T.T
::picks up book and hurls it across the room:: :):runs back and gives it a hug:: "i'm sorry, i love you, you just have the wrong page! and it torments me! why!? WHY!?")
::arghh:: i sent an e-mail to TOKYOPOP, hopefully they can do something about it...

i saw Chobits vol. 5 in the store a few days ago too, it has a different cover from what i had thought... wasn't it supposed to be that picture of Dark Chi with Zima and Dita? maybe i'm imagining things... oh well, the green is nice... right now it looks like vol. 6 will be pink... aw...
^_^ :smiles: Chii is so adorable! ^_^

degpiexoxo: Did you ever get the new Paradise Kiss? :looks at you sad like:
*Likes Lin from Clover...he's a cutie...* I just read voulume one of CLAMP School Detectives....and let me tell you. If there were a boy like Nokoru I'd be all over him! Or Suoh even he's just cold, cute, and well good at fighting... *realizes that she's starting to sound like the girls in the manga...* NOOOOO!!!!!
i am sad... i haven't heard back from TOKYOPOP yet... i sent them another e-mail today, i really hope they pay attention to this one... ::arghh:: Chii is so cute!!! i picked up the anime a few days ago and i've been on a Chobits binge ever since! i'm looking forward to the release of FAKE... and there were a couple of new ones on TOKYOPOP's website that looked interesting...
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