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Help Please


30 Mar 2011
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I would like to ask some help from those who are know Japan and the japanese lifestyle as me. I'm from Hungary, and We had a big argue with my girlfriend. She
worked in Japan long ago for three month, in 2001 or 2002, in a city named Shinjo City. She worked in a bar named Petite Chateau,
which means in english Small Castle or Tiny Castle. She told me that is was a karaoke bar, however she doesn't speak english and japanese,
and she told that her work was to entertain and sing with the guests (without speaking english or japanese. I could hardly beleive this,
and it was also strange that she bought from there a dildo (she told that every girl whe worked there got one as a present), and the bar
owners paid his travel to there also. If someone who knows the japanese night life and styles, or know exactly that bar or was or worked there please write me.
Maybe I has bad feelings about that, and she tells the truth, but I think that perhaps she was a prostitute there.
I really appreciate if seomebody help me


Just me
20 Aug 2003
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I wouldn't be surprised if the moderators labeled this post as a troll. Highly suspicious, at the very least.

Mike Cash

15 Mar 2002
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There are such places. Whether she was a prostitute or not, I don't know. But I would strongly suspect it.


27 Oct 2009
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The first thing to notice is that on a traveler visa, one cannot work in Japan. Nor is there a visa for this type of work. This means that this girl worked there illegally. The cost for travel to Japan and also the illegality of the work seems to suggest that she is working in one of the following places:
A snack bar: Not necessarily being a *****, but has to wear certain clothes, flirt with the guests, pour them drinks and so on.
A soapland: Basically a brothel (You can wikipedia/google the details, I'm sure)
Whether she worked in either is hard to find out. However, I would seriously question having a relationship with a person you can't trust to tell the truth (from your side and hers). Having a relationship with someone who would travel illegally to a country to work there in a bar being more than just a waitress. I would suspect connection to criminals who have been active in human trafficking. Whether for her this is a thing of the past or not is for you to decide
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