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24 May 2017
1. 留学するまで、私は自分が見ている世界がすべてだと思っていた。実際はそれが世界のほんの小さな一部分でしかないことに気付いていなかった.

I'm not sure why "で" is used between "一部分" and "しかない". Shouldn't it be omitted? For example: わたしは水しかを飲みません. With "で" here, the only thing I can remember is stuff like: 彼は我が社の社員で、企画部の部長です (He's our employee, (at the same time) the head of the project planning department).

2. 今日( ) 十日間雨が降り続いている

a. から b.で

The correct answer is b. Although at the first glance I thought it was a. I believe that if a were to be used here, it should be 今日から十日(の?)間 に 雨が降り続いている

Thank you in advance :D
The で is not a particle there; it is the copula and is paired with ない.

If you reword it without the しか (which grammatically always shifts to the negative form even though the statement isn't negative), then it would be 一部分である instead of 一部分でしかない

The second で is indicating collectivity....that the statement applies to each of the ten days and treats them as a whole. Also, just by verb tense it should be clear that から can't be the answer.
So, you got the difference in meaning between 一部分でしかない and 一部分しかない or わたしは水しか飲みません and わたしは水でしか飲みません now?
So, you got the difference in meaning between 一部分でしかない and 一部分しかない or わたしは水しか飲みません and わたしは水でしか飲みません now?


I've been browsing through the threads I want to say something.

"Gosh, go get yourself a textbook"

"That is piracy and it is illegal"

There are quite a number of statements like that from you. Besides those you seem to obsessed with talking to people with a condescending attitude. This gives me a clear picture of what kind of person you are: being surrounded, flattered and politely talked to by members for too long, you as someone who has some managing authority at hand becomes somewhat cocky. Go back and read some of your posts and you'll feel it.

Personally, I feel very uncomfortable around someone like you. Judging from your tones, I don't think you're a native Japanese, therefore, I hope when you are mannered to your Japanese fellows and busy bowing to your superiors, you have not forgotten the manners you had learned in your home country (if you had learned any, that is). Just because you helped someone with a question or two, doesn't mean you should talk with such a condescending tone. Now if you say that "well I'm providing free help and this is how I am, like it or f**k off. ", I take it as you're probably using this place as a dumping ground to offset the frustration of having to bow too much to your manager.

While to some extent I do understand that:

1. People in the spotlights, some of them will develop this cancer over time, and starts to see learners as lowbies --- you seem to be much more friendly with the Japanese members here.

2. There are always people asking simple grammar questions that can be found in the first 5 chapters of any properly written textbooks, or the question is plain dumb because the poster doesn't know what he is doing. What I don't understand is why do you force yourself to help them and at the same time being impatient and hostile.

Some people may be comfortable around you, I am not. Don't bother relying, as I will not set foot on this site again.

And to Mike Cash, thank you again for your help. I gain a lot from answers like this.
Well, this is a new one....

Usually I'm considered the a**hole, and the guy who is genuinely the single most patient and helpful person I've ever seen anywhere on the internet gets the underserved earful I usually get.

His question was entirely innocuous.

Nine times out of ten when a new learner complains of the attitude you complain about here, it is actually their own insecurity and extreme sensitivity which is the cause of the problem...as is the case this time as well.

Best of luck elsewhere; you'll not be missed.

(Why did you create a new account to spew your bile?)
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Someone's literally somersaulting to conclusions, lol. @Ceres_Y , @Ceres_Z , or whatever personifications you are employing, your attempt at Psych 101 couldn't be more wrong. Not only is @Toritoribe -san a native Japanese and an entrepreneur, thus bowing to no one, he is also one of the most helpful and dedicated members and moderators here on the forum. I have to agree with Mike: please consult Quora or Facebook in the future and spare us the nonsense.
Hope the OP has at least realized that those two expressions I listed in my previous post are completely different from each other in meaning...
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