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Help me translate this word


6 Nov 2003
Does "baka" mean stupid?

How to say the basic greeting stuff...like hi hello etc etc..

Is it masa mesho or kunichiwa ?
Ok i'm a newbie to the language but here's what I understand.

Moshi moshi (もしもし。)is a greeting that is only used on the telephone.

For greeting people in the street.

Morning time: Ohayou gozaimasu or (おはよう ございます)

Afternoon or after 10:00am Konichiwa or (こんにちは)

Evenings konban wa or (こんばんは)

Hope this helps and I hope I have spelt it all correctly 😄
Baka means stupid person but used like a "dis" (like if a friend did something stupid you'd call him a baka) but can also be used as like dumbass, idiot etc.
Baka is oftentimes used as a way of putting oneself down as well or acknowledging having done something foolish (Watashi mo onaji gurai baka dakedo = You're no stupider than I) and it can be closer to silly than truly idiotic (Tashikani bakana koto da kedo、omoikiri tanoshimereba ii darou! = Although it's certainly a stupid thing, still you must let go and enjoy yourself!)という風にですね。
Hmm, I'm confused now. I only know a real little japanese but i thought baka was like dumb and bakayaro was like idiot. could someone clear this up for me?
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