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Help me select a translator based on 1-sentence sample

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25 Aug 2013
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Hi! I'm going to hire a translator to translate a 1,900 word text from English into Japanese. I've asked candidates to translate a sample statement since it is my experience that even a small sample of work can provide a lot of information about the quality of work. Will you be so kind as to help me out by evaluating the translations of my top candidates and letting me know which one you prefer?

The government should set a cap on the wages of bankers and CEOs.




What do you think? :)
None of the above isn't a choice?

Of the three, I would probably take #1. I wouldn't even consider #3.
Sorry for the delay in replying! I thought I would get an email notification when there was a reply, but apparently not. :(

None of the above isn't a choice?

Of the three, I would probably take #1.

How would you describe the problems with #1 and #2?

I wouldn't even consider #3.


Edit: Where are my manners? >_< Thank you for replying! :D
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I can't edit the OP so I just want to update the thread to say that I've gone ahead and hired translator #1. :)
I know I'm late to the party, but...

#1. For me, the problem with this one is that in the Japanese version the verb has changed from "cap" or "should cap" to "decide to cap". The Japanese verb 決定 = decide doesn't have the same power of punitive force that "cap" has. The end result may be the same, but I feel #2 and #3 managed the action better. The translation of CEOs to 取締役 (corporate directors) is probably close enough to the writer's intention, but for me it takes a step too far away from the written source.

#2. I liked this one better, but I didn't like how CEO was translated as 会長 (chairman) even though CEOs can often be chairmen as well.

#3. 銀行トップ (presumably "top management of banks") probably deviates too far from "bankers" although the term bankers is loaded with ambiguity itself. 社長さんら is meant to be the plural of "CEO", but the さん is inappropriate here, and the ら is also inappropriate.

I like #1 and #2, but both have issues.
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