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Help me get my banner on topsites


19 Oct 2003
For some reason my banner wont load right on top banners. It's always like a sliver of the image about five pixels high. It meets all the requirements dimension wise, size wise, and file type wise. (468x60, less than 20kb, jpg or gif) It's a gif file, about 15kb, 468x60, and a gif file. I tried making it a jpeg but then it didn't load at all. Here's the image:


It's also attached to this message. If someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

My account name on topsites is "romeo" without the quotation marks obviously.


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Looks fine on my system. Are you sure it's not a problem on your end? Try checking it on different systems.

What software have you used to create this banner?
Does it look right on the ranking page? I mean it loads fine here on the board and on the website, but the thing is it doesn't load right on the ranking page.
Looks like it didn't upload completely. Try uploading it again and wait a few more seconds before clicking on to the next page or closing the browser.
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