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help me find my old friend

Goce J

2 Jan 2018
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my name is Goce Janceski or Jo InHo or Nick I currently live in NYC my email is [email protected]
so back in 2013 i had a awesome roomate who became a close friend he is half japanese and half korean(on his moms side) he lived in minato near the nogizaka station in tokyo. its been 5 years since i lost contact with him, his name is hideo motoki, not sure of the kanji i have seen it only a couple times hes was born somewhere between 88 and 91, he worked for a contruction company back in 2013 or 2014 and i know he played college baseball at tokyo university i believe. im not sure if he has moved or not but this is the place he lived when i stayed with him for 1 month in 2014 Imgur: The magic of the Internet

also here is a old photo of him from back in 2013 its not a good phone so little blurryImgur: The magic of the Internet
i believe the last name motoki is written like this but not sure 紀子

if you guys can either help me find him or point in the way to search for him it would be most helpful thank you so much
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