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Help Mandylion clean his car


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15 Mar 2003
I only wish you could... Question about paints and sealers on Japanese autos:

I am having one beast of a time getting oil and grease off my paint (I have a true-blood, made-in-Japan, not-for-export, Nissan Wagon. Don't know if that is important or not). Do cars made for the domestic market have some kind of different sealer on the paint? It just seems to absorb and lock in dirt.

I have tried a whole range of different soaps. Heck, I've even used dishwashing soap (cuts grease, right?) to no avail. I've pretty much given up hope, so I was just wondering...why?

This isn't an isolated problem. I know other people who have had the same problem with their cars. I never had this problem in the US...:eek:
I don't recall ever having any problems along those lines. Hmm... I wish I knew what more to tell ya. 8-(
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