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Help! Looking for good Fitness stuff in Japan for my home gym


21 Jan 2004
Due to my lack of japanese ability I am finding it very hard to locate some good reasonably priced weightlifting equipment.
I am hoping to find a mail order company or even better a 'used/second hand' type place.
If anyone has any links where I can see whats on offer I would be very grateful.
Japanese links are ok, just a point in the right direction is all I need.
Ive managed to locate some bits on Metropolis but its not enough.
Thanks in advance.


Alas, I am suffering from the same problem.
I might be able to help you, or not.

Since I don't live anywhere NEAR a gym, I've looked into buying my own weights. (a.k.a bench, dumbells, etc.) If you can, go to a book store and buy a "ba-de-bi-ru" magazine. (bodybuilding) I've bought I few and looked into several company ads. Warning: it's expensive!

For example, to have a set of 40kg dumbells sent from Osaka, it would cost me about 15,000 Yen, shipping and tax included.

The best companies I found so far.....

06-6706-4411 (Osaka)

0737-88-8059 (Wakayama)

more links:

I hope this helps!
Nice one!

I did find some in the Tokyo classifieds, I bought a bench, barbel, two dumbbells. ツ・18,000. It's a very good sturdy bench but what I forgot to ask him was if it reclined for incline press etc.
Its just a bench press bench :eek:

I will definitely have a look at those links.
I have seen a couple of those ads , and I've seen that they sell their stuff at wholesale prices , much cheaper than shops.

thanks mate.

Keep in touch with your progress.
have a look at this guy
What equipment have you bought so far?
I recentely bought a nice attachment for my racing bike. I can now cycle in doors which is great for me cos I hate the cold !
Im hoping to get in shape and look 18 again.
Let us know how you get on
None yet.

I'm still looking for cheaper stuff. Hopefully I'll get a bench and some heavy dumbells. That's all I want for now, but I'm looking for dumbells that can go up to 70 pounds each.
I was wondering about this. Is there a lot of gyms in Japan? Would anyone know how much a year pass would go for?
I would say a membership greatly depends on the locality and the type of gym. As "fitness" mega-centers are popular, they usually include pools, massage rooms, tons of cardiovascular equipment, etc. Those can be very pricey, the one closest to me cost about $100 US a month. Gyms for weightlifters, powerlifters, and bodybuilders aren't numerous, but usually much cheaper.
If you ask me, I'd say check out University and High School gyms first. You might be able to use them for a small fee, or, in some rare cases, for free.

Good Luck!
@ Luc
Try your local sports center.
Before when I lived in Tokyo I was able to use the sports center and it cost 200yen a pop. Very cheap.
All I showed them was my gaijin card and I had to do a entry class, basically a guy showed us round the equipment for safety sake more than anything.

@mad pierrot
I bought a bodi birudingu mag today, loads of equipment in there but I cant believe the prices are so cheap, there must be a catch. ??

You said
"For example, to have a set of 40kg dumbells sent from Osaka, it would cost me about 15,000 Yen, shipping and tax included."

So would that be 10,000 plus 5,000 shipping?

Where are you located?

I suppose if you live far the cheapness of the stuff is void cos it cost the same amount to get it home !!
My japanese is very crap so im finding it a tad difficult knowing if these Magazine prices include any hidden extras.
They seem to cheap.
My Japanese isn't very good, either. Maybe this will help, maybe not.
Here are a few words I find helpful when ordering over the phone:

1. Sou-ryou -Shipment charge
2. Tesuo-ryou -Handling charge
3. zeikin komi- Tax included
zeikin nuki- Tax excluded

Komi and nuki can also be applied to the shipping and handling words.
I was hoping that there was some kind of information in the advert, Ill have to get someone to look for me.
I want a decent bench with leg extensions, seems fighting road has some for less than 10,000

Having several beautiful girlfriends and keeping them all happy and satisfied. You will stay in shape and have sooo much more fun. When I left Japan I was around 120 LBS and like coiled wire !



I just ordered from Moriya-Inc, and I was really impressed with their service. They even got someone who speaks English to call me back and confirm my order.

Highly Recommended!
Not much, a pair of dumbbells. Good price because shipping was so cheap. (I don't live far from their outlet.) Still, "Fighting Road" had cheaper prices.

I didn't get much because I decided to make the lo o o o o ong trip to the nearest gym. I got the dumbbells for those days I won't be able to make the journey but still want to do something.
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