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HELP! java virtual machine / japanese language support


5 Aug 2003
For a long time I have been going to chat.yahoo.co.jp to practice my japanese in their java based chat rooms....

The Japanse characters always worked fine in the Java-based chat until very recently. I just started taking a class in Java programming and I had to download some things from the Java site, Virtual Machine/Software Devlopement Kit, stuff like that, and now the text won't show in the chat anymore. I can still read Japanese characters on web pages just fine, and I can type them with NJ Star communicator or the IME, but they won't show up in the Java chat. I know there is also an HTML version of the chat but it doesn't work for me either.

I'm going crazy trying to fix it, I miss my friends from the chat. Any ideas??

I don't know a lot about how the Java VM thing works, but from what I understand now, I HAD the Microsoft version of it, and when I installed the Sun Java version it overwrote the Microsoft version, which is unavailable for download now because of the lawsuits against Microsoft.
just answered own question? just my observation, good luck!
"but they won't show up in the Java chat"
what does show? edit: blocks?
No I didn't answer my own question I just said what I thought the problem was, I have no idea how to fix it.

What shows up in the chat is only English, like people's log-in names or if they type in English, any Japanese chat just doesn't show up (blank).
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