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20 Aug 2003
Can anyone help me to translate these phrase to english? thanks a lot!!

1) itsumademo koko ni irun, hanasenai de kudasai

2) hitori mo i desu
1) Until forever I will be here, please don't let go [of me].

2) Being alone is fine.

hope that helps you.
it could be "hitori demo ii" or "hitori demo heiki" either one works.

heiki is more for safety. "I'm safe by myself."
ii is more like "I'm okay by myself"
OK--thanks, that makes sense. So it might sound slightly more natural to put something like "Although I don't have any friends, I'm OK with that" as "tomodachi dewa nakutemo heiki desu" as opposed to "tomodachi dewa nakutemo ii desu."
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