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help i have no access

2 Jan 2004
can someone please help me? i registered a few days ago and i want to be an active member, but every time i try to reply to something that i can help with, this screan pops up that says that i am not logged in or something and it is getting irittating and frustrating and i would like some help. Please!
and thank you in advance
the only thing i can think of at the moment is to let yourself be cookied for the time being, and see if that fizxes it. theres been numerous bugs from the the move that still need to be worked out, just a matter of time before they are all fixed.
thanks for your patience
it wont let me in at all. i cant edit my profile cause it says that i am logged in but it wont let me go any where. T.T
it is poooo!
Please delete all cookies from your local hard-drive and try to log in again.
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