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Help! How can I change the DV to the one I really want?


7 Dec 2003

Dear all,

I bought a digital video camera in Tokyo last Monday. I had been believing that the operation menu of the DV can be switched to English. Unfortunately, after a full investigation I found that there is only Japanese menu available. Since I cannot speak or read in Japanese, the machine seems to be no use for me. So I am very very sad for my fault of having not check the machine before I pay the money. Now I want to know:
1. Whether I can return the DV to the store and buy a new one which I really want. The shop assistant of the store (http://www.ellmoa.co.jp/) cannot speak English at all, so I cannot ask them directly for help. Is there any kind Japanese can give me some help?
2. Is there some on-line second-hand market where I can try to sell the machine in Japan?

Any advice is welcomed. My email address is [email protected]. Thanks in ahead!
hiya doody and welcome to the forum, i have moved this thread here as its the best place for you to get an appropriate response and in the future please refrain from posting the same thing in multiple forums
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