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Help finding my Japanese Family Crest?


20 Feb 2016
Really unsure if I'm even allowed to make this post, sorry. I just made an account because I've tried all other options and just thought that maybe someone on here could help me. It's a longshot because my family has been in America for such a long time, but I thought I would ask if it's possible that anyone knows how to find out my Japanese Family Crest?

I don't speak any language other than English, so I was hoping there might be ways to find the crest(s) through any of you. Here's some background information...

On my father's side: I don't have a lot of information... Last name is Fukuda, but I think that his Grandmother's maiden name was Tokunaga. The family has been in Hawaii for a while. I am 5th generation on this side (so my great great grandmother was first generation).

On my mother's side: Last name is Tsujii (with two i's at the end... I'm not sure if this is important). I am 4th generation on this side (my grandpa was part of nisei vets, so that makes me great grandpa first generation). I hear this side of the family is from some area in Japan called Fukui? I'm not sure.

Sorry if this is against the rules at all! I just know nothing about my family history on either side because we've been in America for so long, so I was hoping it was possible to find out any information about them :)
Fukuda, Tokunaga and Tsujii are all common family names. Fukui is the name of a prefecture or city, but those information are not enough to identify your ancestors, anyway.
According to this site, Fukuda is the 42nd most common name in Japan, with some 315,000 people sharing this last name.

There are no doubt a ton of possible crests for Fukuda. There isn't a sure way of us knowing. Sometimes the family grave will have the crest on it. Usually a kimono worn for a funeral will have the family crest on it. If you have old photos, it might give a clue. Anyway, the site below shows one of the possibilities for the Fukuda family crest..
(I'm assuming the most common rendering of your last name. If your family used some unusual kanji for your last name, the above info will not apply).
I am a Fukuda also. We have a crest it is the combination of the Hidari Mittsu Tomoe crest and the Hōjō crest. I have not been able to find this image online, but it was found in our family heirloom montsuki hakama. The black triangle Hōjō fish scales are placed one triangle inside the circle of each of the swirls in the Tomoe. Both my brother and I have this tattoo. As I said, it's not anywhere online, but we hand drafted it off the original kimono.
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These are the two that are combined for our crest.


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