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Help! Car owner search


15 Mar 2002
I recently purchased a Japanese import car (Mitsibushi FTO) and was wondering if there was a way of tracing its previous Japanese owner. I know it's a long shot but if there is anyone out there who knows how to trace an owner in Japan I would be eternally grateful. I found a reciept of some kind in the boot but it is all in Japanese and unfortunately I do not speak the language.
There is also some kind of disc on the back window but once again, all the writing is in Japanese.

Here's hoping

Willy c
the service that bought the car? they don't have that info?
man, ftos are pretty cars. i souped one up in txr and it was something -- like them better than gtos
maybe he wants to find out something specific about the history
he oughta take a pic or something and put it up here
just an indirect suggestion :)
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