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helo :)


26 Oct 2003
hello everyone,

I'm new here ^_*,

You all can call me LaLa, I'm from Singapore!

i like aikawa nanase & hyde (anyone with the same idol?)

hum.. i'm not too good with self-introductions... you guys are free to ask me questions

LaLa :テセ
I just realize i'm not too sure how to use the forum..

like how to post new msg/thread (erm.. what the difference?)

and how to change the avatar, (erm.. i got to find where is my profile to edit first.. )

LaLa :テセ
Hi LaLa !!!! Thats a good name LaLa =D!!! Here in Britain we have real boring names =( like Luke !! Welcome to the forum anyways !!!! dont see many ppl from signapore here, but i my self would love to go to signapore =P to change your avatar you just have to sign in and go to user cp, go to edit options and you will be able to change yor avatar =D

Welcome again

hiya lala and welcome. a thread is a topic that we all discuss, your introduction for example. a message or reply is what everyone posts in the thread, like how arch told you how to change your avatar. a PM is a private message that only the person you send it to will be able to read. to access any PMs you may receive, on the forum home page click where it says "private messages" under your avatar. to send a PM i find it easiest to click on the name of the person you wish to send a PM to, then click where it says "send username a private message" where "username" is the name of the person you will sending the message to. i think thats about it right now, anyway enjoy the forum.
Welcome LaLa! 🙂

When I hear LaLa, I think of the Teletubbies. I have 3 little kids. I can't help it... :p

Have fun on the forum! ;)
Greetings and welcome. Should you have any more questions re: navigating the site please feel free to ask away.
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