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9 Apr 2003
Hi all!

I'm Joel, new to the forum. I'm 36, and originally from Sonoma, California, USA. Now I live in Kofu, Yamanashi prefecture. I previously lived in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.

Nice to meet you all, virtually speaking! :)


Ja mata...😄
Hello Joel ! Welcome aboard ! :)

How long have you been in Japan

When did you move to Kofu ? How is that near the mountains ? :p
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Thanks! :)

Well, I lived in Tokyo for one year. Then moved back to the States for about a year-and-a-half, and just returned to Japan about two weeks ago. Kofu is my wife's home town, so we came here to be near her family.

I love Kofu! The only thing is that it is hotter in the summer and colder in the winter than Tokyo. Also, I miss riding trains! Around here, most people get around by car. Other than that, I really like it here.
Konnichiwa Joelly222-san!

Hi Joel, welcome and Hajimemashite.
Is Kofu hotter in the summer than Tokyo? Umm... It's so hard.:eek:
Yoroshiku ne.🙂
welcome to the board joel, hope ya enjoy the forums.

nice snajuro av. i really like yojimbo, though ive yet to see the sequel...
Thanks for the welcome, everyone! :)

Jeisan, I think my favorite Mifune movies were the Musashi trilogy. Have you had a chance to see those? Good stuff! That scowl is classic!
nah i havent seen that, i recently watched 4 of the "lone wolf and cub" movies. i really wanna see the rest.
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