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helloooo *^^*


15 Mar 2002
😜 hellooo!

Im new here and i just wanted to introduce myself ,I'm Jenni
(kousei) and i live in miami,fl . I love singing and music Im
a fan of jrock mainly visual kei i love animals and i love to
draw i also love fashion design (and japan has the kewlest
fashions like the lolita , decora, ega and egl) and im moving to
Osaka in 2 1/2 years (during may) to study it ! i was not sure
if they had any universities or schools where i could attend but
then i found the Ueda College of Fashion !! so i can't wait to go!

But something concerning me was the fact that i can only stay
for 3 months or something like that to study.. or so i heard , im
going to Japan to study but i want to move over there...is that
possible? I've always wanted to move to another country
so thats what i want to do. Is it possible for me to become a
resident? If it is, will i still be a resident of the UnitedStates?
(i was born here so that makes me a resident always no matter
what right?? ) hee hee so many questions...
------------------------------------------------------------- :confused:
Hi there Jenni,

Welcome! 🙂

Well, you've come to the right place if you're looking for answers (although my knowledge is limited to Japanese music). :)

Have fun!
hiya jenni and welcome. to answer your dual resdident question, 1st keep this in mind, a legal resident is not a citizen. so you can go and live anywhere as a resident and your US citizenship status will not be affected in any way. and youll have to pay taxes to both countries. but it gets tricky if you decide to become a citizen of that particular country. you automaticly loose your US citizenship as soon as you obtain citizenship elsewhere. unless, of course, you didnt want to loose it and it wasnt your intention to do so. then you end up with a dual citizenship, which is pretty cool, i think. the only real way to lose your US citizenship is to go into a US embassy in where ever you are at, throw your passport at them, scream "i revoke my US citizenship" then spit on the floor and storm out. even then you can get it back pretty easily, well easier than someone who never had it.
---goody!! then ill make sure to ask you when i got any music

--- thx jeisan! lol nice explanation
im pretty dumb when it comes to things like
that... so i get resident and citizen mixed up
sometimes...(actually citizen never even crossed
my mind lol but it was what i meant ^^; )
thx so much 4 answering my question!

---------- 🙂 thx you!!!!!
Greetings and welcome. What part of Miami do you live in? I used to live in Hollywood (Galahad on Ocean Drive) but would drive to work in Hialeah. I miss the Ocean 8-( Anyways, glad to have you aboard.
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