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Hello everybody, I'm psion. I introduce myself a little :

First, I want to say that I'm french, and I'm not a very good english speaker. I hope you will understand what I write (normally there will be no problem).

Why do I love Japan ? well... I love the japanese culture, food, graphical arts and especially their language. When I was young (I'm 23 years old), I often saw anime on tv, but my interest for Japan began only 3 years ago. I love their ability to mix technology and traditions.
Now, I study japanese by myself in order to live in Japan for 1 or more years. It's quite difficult but I really want to do it, so...
About my job, in france, I'm engineer in mechanical industry. You know, this not the best way to work in Japan (why didn't I study computer sciences ??? :p )

To conclude, I want to say that I'm really impressed by the quality of this website, and also when I see many people from different countries who can share their passion for Japan... congratulations, and thanks to the webmaster !!

(I think the webmaster is thomas, right ? sorry, this is the first time I come here, and I don't know exactly who do what... :sorry: )

ps : I've discovered japanreference.com through Maciamo who was speaking about it on a french forum (a little while ago). Thanks to Maciamo.
Hi Psion, welcome to the board and thanks for joining!

Btw, I have just ironed out that infamous &123; error that appeared with J-characters (I upgraded the script yesterday and forgot to apply the fix, gomen).

Enjoy your time on board. :)
Hi thomas, moyashi, deborah ! thanks for your welcome.

Before starting to post on others forum, I will spend some time viewing what has already been asked and said. After that I hope to contribute with constructive posts.

thomas, indeed, no more &123; error. Now everybody can write in the nihongo lounge !!
HEY! Welcome to the Forum
i hope you do better at getting yourself settled here than i am! :p
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