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24 Mar 2004
Greetings everyone. I found this site by chance wandering around the internet and immediately joined. the forum is great so far, the people seem interesting and friendly, i think this place might be a great source of information on the japanese culture and so forth.
anyway: my real name is Sean
I live in Massachusetts
I'm a junior in high-school
I have always been interested in everything that is Japan ( but I have never been there :( )
Something new to me is Japanese cinema (ive been downloading it non-stop) so i'll be annoying everyone with a few reviews every once in a while :p
finally: the name Zapan is from a manga called Gunnm (a very good read)
oh... my quote is from The Dark Tower 1: the Gunslinger by Stephen King (another very good read)
Wow, A Fellow New Englander !!!

You're right, the people on this Forum are great. It can be a little slow at times. If you post a question, it may take a while, but you will get a responce. Don't be afraid
to go back and read old posts and the search feature is good to use. With so many members, the same things tend to come up often. ANYWAY, welcome & enjoy !!!

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