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30 Jan 2004
well hello,
my name is Catherine, all of my friends call me hitokiri. Its a long story.
Anyways my interests are anime, and manga mostly. My fave series is Naruto. My fave color is silver (that was an idea contributed by my friend Matt) Im currently learning Japanese. And trying to learn how to read kanji. Well I cant really think of anything else other than the fact that I would like to eventually move to Japan. Ok so i guess thats all. sorry im really bad at this....;)
Konnichiwa I_love_Kakashi-san!

Hi Catherine, welcome and Hajimemashite. Please enjoy the forum and learning Japanese. 🙂

Originally posted by Glenn
Welcome, hitokiri (battousai?)! I hope that you enjoy yourself here!

No not battousia, HAHA! Everyone just thinks I should be an assasin so it kind of stuck. ;)
Well thanks to everyone who has replyed to my post. Everyone so far seems really nice. Although I dont understand so much of the Japanese. (im basically learning on my own) 😌 So any recommendations ot what there is to do on this site? I stumbled upon it by accident really and thought it seemed cool.
Well thanks agian! 🌹
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