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29 Jan 2004
Being a new member of the forum, I'm glad to have found my way here! For the past couple of weeks, I had been looking, quite desperately, for up-to-date information on moving to Japan.

A quick intro as per rules. I am an IT professional and am presently in the process of relocating to Tokyo; I should arrive in mid to late February. Dealing with HR, work visa application, and sic. are (as you might imagine) somewhat stressful right now, and I'm definitely counting my blessings that many existing forum members had taken their time out to provide advice on this. Thank you very much in advance!

Best, LS
Welcome Lynn,

Anything you wanna know, go ahead and ask away, don't be shy.

I can still recite all the station names along the # 7 Flushing line:

Times Square
Fifth Ave.
Grand Central

Hunter's Point
Courthouse Square
Queensboro Plaza
33rd Rawson
40th Lowry
46th Bliss
52nd Lincoln
61st Woodside
69th Fisk
74th Broadway
82nd Jackson Heights
90th Elmhurst
Junction Blvd.
103rd Corona
Willet's Point Shea Stadium
Main St. Flushing
Welcome to the fora, LynnieS! I hope you get the advice which you are seeking. :D
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