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5 Oct 2003
Hello, this is my first time here! Yeah, I really want to learn the Japanese language. I am thinking about trying to self teach myself, as I do not really have time to take classes. Can someone point me in the right direction in terms of learning? Any helpful information be will greatly appreciated!
Greetings and welcome. Take some time to navigate the site and be sure to check out our Japan FAQ and Japanese Language forums as they may be of help to you. Best of luck with your studies.
welcome iwantolearn and what gus said. theres many helpful people if you have questions.
Book or Computer Program Stores !!

A good start is a set of CD's on Japanese for about $50 give or take. That will give you some basics and the sound of the language. Use Google or all of the search engines and type in "Japanese language" then follow the links given to other sites. It's amazing how much is on the internet for free if you look hard.

Cool! Thanks for the encouragements! The girl of my dreams is Japanese, and I want to try and talk with her in Japanese. She's fluent in english also, but I thought it would be nice to say some phrases in Japanese also!

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