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26 Aug 2003
Hi, I hope you are all well today... I am in Cincinnati Ohio in the USA and I am on a mission to find out as much as I can about the Japanese side of my heritage I will be posting in the people locator of this forum later but I wanted to take a min and say hello :)
Thank you for the welcome :) and your well wishes for my search ...You would think that there would be more search engines for finding reletives overseas <sigh> The sad part is I have 4 aunts and 4 uncles whom I have never spoken to and I know they would be a wealth of knowledge about the Japanese side of my heritage.. Not that I am not quite fond of the rest of my mixed up heritage LOL ..I guess now would be a good tiime to slow down and properly introduce myself ;)

Hello I am Heidi from Ohio ..cheesy huh ... I am Half Japanese, Quarter German and a Quarter American Indian... My Mother was from Hokkaido and my father bond here in the States.. I am a single full time mom of an adorable little boy and I would love to find out as much about my mothers bloodline as possible.So that I could share it with him . That includes history and heritage and anything else that should come up along the way...I am looking foward to talking to you all and I hope well actually pray that someone somewhere knoews the Terui family in Hokkaido as I seem to have hit a brick wall in my search... Maybe one of you may have different ideas on how to locate them .. Please :)
Can't you ask your mother about them and where to find them...or as she passed away?
I know the American yahoo has a yellow pages/phone book thing on the front page maybe if you wen to yahoo japan they would have the same thing so you could type in where they then see what you find here the link:

Yes I could ask my mother if I could find her :( she has been missing since 1992. I have tried all the states searches for her. The last search I did was a paid social security search and they said the same thing ( nothing at all on her after 1992) no death records nothing ... She just disappeared :(
They said the best they could assume was that she left the country. So I am hoping she has gone home to Japan....

I do appreciate the advice though ...
I truly thank you for your concern <sigh> but I seem to have hit a brick wall lol...I think my next step is seeing if I can use her family history and BIKO number to write someone in Japan for some info...Just not sure who to write and what to ask ....
Heidi, I sincerely wish you the best of luck in finding your relatives. It's just so sad to hear of so many people losing contact with their family members and it seems like with all the people in this situation, there would be all kinds of resources one could use in locating them.

I really do hope you can find your mother and the rest of your family. I do wish you the best of luck. ;)
Lets see the BIKO number was listed as an extraction of the family registry when my parents married...at the time of their marriage my mother had 4 brothers and 4 sister ....I have all their names and birth dates..I also have the permanent address (family home address) of her parents and their names....And it is sad to admit but my parents never taught me the language and it is one major road block to over come...All of the info I have has come from me diging in files my father has here in the house from moms naturalization after their marriage in 1968 so I can't imagine anyone still being at the address or how to contact them if they don't speak english...And let me say that it does truly help knowing there are people out there who are at least hoping like me that I someday find them....Thank you soooooooo much :)
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