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Hello !! ^^

Oliver Twist

9 May 2003
Hello !
It seems to be the best place to introduce myself.
What can I say ? .. I love all things about Japan. Of course there are things I love and things I dislike, but I would be delighted to discuss about it with you.
I learn japanese by myself since 2002, January, and I hope to find a job in Japan which would allow me to live there for some years... I know it's difficult but maybe possible ? ^^

I'm not yet accustomed to this site, and it seems very complete. I hope to write about japanese culture, language, electronic little things and all that I don't know but will be happy to discover.

Oh... as you probably saw, I don't speak very well english, but I will do my best to be correctly understood... I hope ! ^^

minna san, hajimemashite ! 🙂
Welcome aboard, Oliver.

Don't worry about your English. If you can't find the right words in English, just use Japanese. :)
Hi Oliver, hajimemashite! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. 🙂
Konnichiwa Oliver Twist-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite! Please write about Japan and Japanese! And enjoy the forum!
Yoroshiku ne.🙂

hiya oliver and welcome. im sure most of us will understand you just fine, your english is pretty good. enjoy the forum.
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