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28 Apr 2003
Hello minna!! 🙂
My name's Kohaku, well actually it's Amber but I like Kohaku better^_~ Obviously I'm new here. I found this site while I was on a different Japanese reference site and thought it was pretty cool. I became interested in Japan through anime and video games. Eventually I got into manga and jrock/pop. My interests are (besides Japan in general) anime, manga, video games, jrock/pop, fashion, and art. My hobbies are drawing anime and realistic style people in my spare time, working on my website.... which I am NEVER going to get finnished O_O....... and talking with my Japanese and non-Japanese friends. I find the Japanese to be wonderful friends and an amazing group of extremely polite people, which is a very good thing in my opinion b/c rude ppl annoy me...
Well that's basically it for me. If you have questions feel free to ask!!
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