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18 Apr 2003

Found this forum as I was browsing for japanese dictionaries etc through google.

I'm a fansubber. I subtitle Anime most of the time. I personally don't speak japanese but am slowly slowly learning. Nice to meet you all!

I am from an asian background and would love to find someone who can help me with translations of a few series I wanted to do for my group.

I'm located in Australia... so anime is quite rare down here... only reason why I want to have things subtitled so much ;)

Anyway, hope to get to know you all better!

hallo! i'm senny, welcome to the forums! hehe if you think getting anime is hard where you are, try living in england where the only place you could get it is London! hehe and don't live near London!

anyway, welcomes! ^_^ *hands you sweets*
hiya jarod, welcome the the board. i was actually surprised at the number of anime and HK titles readily available in the aussie video stores, more than here and many ive never heard of. though that could have been because i was in springvale... anyhow enjoy your stay.
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