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The Dark Witch
4 Jan 2003
Hey everyone. I am Nico... Don't mind my name lol... Allot of people get the wrong idea but I like it. Personal reasons. :) Anyway I am Nico or Nicole age 18 from New Jersey. I love Japanese culture and want to learn more on it so I found this forum. I love their animation style and enjoy their music too. Anyway I gues thats it so thanks for listening. 👏
Hi Nico,

Welcome to the Forum.

Let me guess, your parents were fans of Velvet Underground. :)
lol... No I am more of a fan then they are. I think they probably listen to them but never really realized it. My dad heard of Reed but not the Velvet Underground. Explain to me how that is possible? lol

Anyway thanks for the welcomes.
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