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6 Oct 2003
Hi All, :joyful:

Marc-Jaures here, currently a High School Student in Hollland. I've been browsing this forum way too long without actually posting. I found a lot of usefull questions and replies ..... 😌

😌 okeeeeyyyy

Anywayz my goal is to get into university in japan (hopefully next year). And I was actually looking 4 anyone who is trying the same thing and ofcourse anyone else who wants to become friends and whutnot 😌

Guess that's it 4 now... Questions feel free to ask.

Cya 🙂
Yo Marc-Jaures...welcome to the forum!!!Hope you find what you need and much more!! ps. Denk wel da er iig mensen zijn die kunne helpen ivm uni @ Jp ;-) !
hey buddy, alot of people are in your sitution , so you will be able to find useful infor here.

Enjoy ya self
Hi, I'm not going to the university in Japan, in fact I'm not going to Japan at all but I'm going to Sweden. My point is that when you want to study in a foreign country you should start at home and then get into an exchange program, most big universities have them. Anyway that way you get started, can take some classes to get better with the language and also you don't have to worry about something going wrong. Moreover I don't know if you considered spending the 4 years overthere, but you'd better think a lot about that and make sure you can stay in such a different culture for that long and here is probably the best place to find out among all these people who have had experiences in Japan.
Just some advice, I hope it can help. Best wishes and enjoy the endless information on jref.
@everybody: Tnx 4 the welcome

@Legato: I've been doing a lot of thinking about going to a university in another country. I was planning on starting my university life there, so that would be 4 years, and if possible continue(Masters/research). I'm not sure how many universities here have exchange programmes with Japan. The few that I found required you to be an art(languages) student, or a winner of some sort of essay contest.

I'm not really worried about going to a new place, leaving everyone I know behind. Instead of worrying me it actually attracts me. At the moment I "feel"/think that the only thing that's standing between me and Japan, is me being admitted to University or not.
I guess i'll c/find out how things will get along. :)

You sound pretty determined and that's the most important thing. I was in a similar situation, I lived in France all my life but wanted to go to the USA to study so I left everything to come here but still it was a lot easier for me since I'm already a citizen, speak the language and even have some family. But really I think all it takes is to be rational, think a lot about it, and dtermination; you seem to have both so now you should work as hard as possible to achieve your goal. I hope you can make it.
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