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4 Apr 2016
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Well, just tried a couple of lines in Japanese. Hope I got it right!
So, my name is Lucas Altmicks, and I`m from Brazil. I started studying Japanese some years ago, mainly under the influence of manga and anime stuff. Unfortunately, I had to give up the study for a while, because I got free lessons of German in my university, and I couldn't possibly despise this opportunity (I decided not to study the two of them at the same time. I simply don't have the brain for it). Well, I took the lessons and the most natural thing to do after I finish them was to get back to the Japanese. Now here I am!

So, to sum up: I'm a psychology student from Brazil who loves to learn new idioms and wants to read his favorite manga chapters without having to wait for other people to translate them. I'm also into marcial arts (I'm purple belt in Karate, and I've done Aikido for a while in the past), and I'm pretty interested in Japanese traditional culture too.

Well, I'm kinda sleepy right now, so I'll leave the intro by it! If anyone wants to chat, I'd love to! Just send me a PM. Though I can read english pretty easily, it's been a while since I last wrote anything in english at all, so I'm kinda rusty. I'd love to have someone to practice with!

Até mais! (see you latter)
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